Cyprus 2020

Project ARTEMIS 20 is the continuing work that is excavating a 7th Century Byzantine complex of Early Byzantine churches in the Republic of Cyprus. The work assists to validate current understanding of historical context. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, Project ARTEMIS 20 was unable to be carried out as it has been in the previous 6 years, as we were unable to take any UK based Wounded Injured Sick (WIS) personnel on the project. It was decided that the project would still go ahead with the help of Military Personnel already based in Cyprus and to ensure communications remained open for potential future collaborations and projects once this particular site is finalised. The Project ARTEMIS ran from the 28 Sept – 6 Nov 20, we did get some people on site, but further Covid restriction did impact on participation. Nonetheless we did manage to still expose some amazing finds.

From the pictures below you can see some of the areas that were excavated, exposing walls, floors including mosaic floor and corridors. An abundance of roof tiles and parts of marble column and chancel were found. Note the picture of a section of a cooking pan which was used to make “crêpes”. This in the traditional Cyprus homes is a simple recipe with oil and flour and served with honey and nuts.  

It is a fascinating site and we hope that next year we can return to taking UK based military personnel.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that was involved in the project, specifically DIO and RAF Akrotiri Station Commander Gp Capt Nikki Thomas, without their support Project ARTEMIS would just not happen.  A special thank you to Dr Eleni Procopiou, the site Director and her team from the Department of Antiquities, who have welcomed us with open arms and allow us to work with them on such a phenomenal site year after year. Thank you so much.