Key Personalities

Dr Phil Harding
Honorary President

Well known to all fans of Time Team, Phil has been the Honorary President of the Defence Archaeology Group since its formal foundation which took place in Admiral Lord Nelson’s cabin on HMS Victory. As well as providing advice, Phil plays an active part in many of the excavations.

Dr Peter Buxton (Surg Cmdre RN Retd)

As the Director of the Defence Archaeology Group, Peter provides overall leadership and counsel to the various Op NIGHTINGALE collaborations and presides over the governance of DAG through its quarterly board meetings. Peter holds a Master’s Degree in Archaeology and, after 36 years’ service, has recently retired as Surgeon Commodore Medical Director General (Naval) of the Royal Navy. He has participated in several archaeological excavations in this country and abroad. Whilst his principal interest is landscape archaeology his trowel has seen plenty of use as well. He is particularly interested in the Iron Age and Early Mediaeval archaeology of north-west Europe.

Maj Les Richardson
Senior Army Project Leader

Les is the Senior Army Project Lead and Treasurer of DAG, he has been involved with Op NIGHTINGALE programme since 2013. As a Medical Support Officer within the Royal Army Medical Corps, Les has some 34 years military experience of healthcare delivery and support to operations and deployments worldwide. He is currently undertaking an MSc and MBA programme and provides the Project & Business leadership and planning.  As an “experienced excavator” he regularly assists on Archaeological digs. Les is qualified as a MH First Aider and has a Level 3 Award in Health, Welfare and Recovery.