Testimonials and Feedback received from DAG events.

Project Artemis.

I found myself again on this amazing experience. Through history we learn lessons, the lesson i learnt was encouraged throughout by the amazing leadership of Major Richardson, Sgt Griffiths and Eleni. "Slowly Slowly".

Project Artemis.

I was supported by a team of professionals Major Richardson and Sgt Griffiths and their team. Bringing together indiviuals and safely breaking the mould of typical recovery activities.

Project Artemis.

This project has given me the confidence to explore outside my house and using the approach i was taught here "slowly slowy" I have been able to adapt my individual recovery programme accordingly, take control of my illness and not let my illness control me.

This wouldn't of been possible if it was not for this Project and its leaders Major Richardson Sgt Griffiths and Eleni.

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